What’s It Worth?

Every now and then I hear a wonderful story that reminds me to appreciate the true value of living and I feel compelled to pass it on to people I care about. Here it is:Elmer was cleaning out the house of a friend who had passed away, and he found an old freezer that was still in good working condition.  He wanted to give it away, so he set it out on the side of the road with a sign that read:   “I’m still in good working order. Please take me home and use me.”

Two days later, the freezer was still there.  So Elmer tried a different approach.  His new sign read:   “Freezer for sale, $200 or best offer.”

The next morning the freezer had been taken.  Problem solved—the freezer had found a new home.

Moral:   People don’t always take advantage of opportunities unless they see a clear value to them.

Sometimes we don’t recognize the value of things that are always there. What if we put a price tag on them as if we wanted to give them away? How much more would you appreciate what you’ve got?

Come back and read more.

With pleasure,

Gabriela Jonas
Your Real Estate Consultant for Life


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