Are You Sharing Your Best?

Are You Sharing Your Best?

During this season, many of us turn our attention to thoughts of sharing, growth and love. This little story reminds me of how much more loudly our actions speak than words do, and how love is the loudest action of all.

A farmer’s superior corn won awards at the state fair year after year. A newspaper reporter who went out to interview him was surprised to discover tha

t the farmer shared his seed corn with all of his neighbors. “Why do you share your best seed corn with farmers who are going to be competing with you every year?” he asked.

The farmer smiled. “The wind picks up pollen from the corn as it ripens and sweeps it from one field to the next,” he explained. “If my neighbors grow inferior corn, I’ll end up growing inferior corn. If they grow good corn, I’ll be growing good corn.”

It’s the same elsewhere: Keeping what’s “good” all to yourself can hurt you in the end, but sharing what you’ve got tends to come back to reward you.

I hope December is a wonderful month for you and that you ring out the year with lots of love around you.



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