How Did I Get Here?

How Did I Get Here?

Instead of setting goals and making resolutions this year, here’s a slightly different idea that might have greater impact on the results you get.

Instead of planning simple goals and resolutions, what if you imagine forward to the time when you are already at your goal, then you ask yourself how you got there?

Instead of saying “I’m going to lose 20 pounds,” or “I’m going to start going on more dates with my spouse,” or “I’m going to start putting 10% of everything I make in savings,” imagine you are already there. Then ask, “How did I get so thin?” “How did my spouse and I get so close and loving this year?” and “How did I get so prosperous?”

This twist is similar to what Noah St. John calls “afformations” in which he talks about turning affirmations on their head. When using this idea in goal setting, instead of affirming what we want in the future, we use the power of our inquisitive mind to picture the result and then ask how we got there. Our minds naturally want to find an answer, and in that answer might lie a more certain path to our goal.
By imagining goals in these terms, too, we’re picturing more than just the goal. We’re picturing the result of the goal.

So go ahead and reframe your New Year’s resolutions. Imagine you’ve already succeeded, and ask “How did I…?”

Gabriela Jonas
Your Real Estate Broker For Life


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