With the Greatest Respect…

With the Greatest Respect…

Here’s a story that reminds us to always listen with an open heart.
A London restaurant was renowned for elegance, with plush furnishings and exquisite chandeliers. Meals were served on china plates and drinks poured into crystal goblets.

Everything was perfect one day as a guest began to enjoy her meal. But the food needed just a touch of salt. Reaching for the beautiful silver shaker, she quickly discovered that it contained pepper. In fact, both silver shakers contained pepper.

She signalled to the waiter—who politely informed her that she must be mistaken because each table always had one salt shaker and one pepper shaker. The woman quietly picked up the first shaker and sprinkled a little pepper on the side of her plate. Then she picked up the second shaker and did the same.

The waiter was aghast. He apologized profusely, and rushed to bring a salt shaker. He brought the maitre d’, who offered complimentary desserts to apologize.

“My goodness,” the woman said, somewhat embarrassed by the attention. “It’s not that important. It was just a simple mix-up.”

“But, Madame,” the maitre d’ replied, “what if you had been the queen?”

I would add that kindness and respect are their own rewards, too, and not something you do “just in case” someone turns out to be royalty.

Gabriela Jonas
Your Real Estate Consultant For Life

P.S.  Give me the chance to treat you like royalty, by contacting me at gabrielajonas@yahoo.ca or calling me at 514-266-0419.


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